Warrior > Gladiator > Templar

Strength 25 Dexterity 20
Vitality 30 Magic 10
Physical Attack 28 + 10 Physical Defense 61
Magic Attack 11 + 40 Magic Defense 17
Accuracy 80 Evading Ability 21
Attack Speed 113 Speed 101 + 9
Critical 10

Skillful and powerful in action, the Warrior class is the main damage dealing class! Warriors have the capabilities of destroying their enemies with two-handed sword techniques. They tend to deal heavy damage with high critical hit rates.

Weapon Edit

  • Two-Handed Sword

PvE Edit

Warriors have relatively well-balanced attack skills and range. Usually assists Swordmen for strong results.

Sacred War Edit

Warriors have a decent vitality and defense power to endure opponent attacks, but their strongest asset is to instantly attack with maximum damage. They have to identify the construction of their party and their opponent’s attack patterns in order to decide which buff will be necessary for battle. Their play-style will change depending on the buffs used.

Advancement Edit

Once you reach level 20, the advancement quest will become available. Head to your Class Master in Gaiyan Town to accept the advancement quest! Make sure you select the "Warrior" class if you want to become a Warrior. After you have completed all the tasks, you will be directed back to Gaiyan Town to talk to your Class Master again to finally become a Warrior.