Feeling like giving an extra boost to your weapons or armor? Then you may be looking for an upgrade! In Legend of Edda, you will be able to upgrade your gear to give you a slight boost to your items stats.

Process Edit

  • Once you click/hit spacebar on the anvil, a dialogue box will appear similar to what you see when you accept a quest. Simply click "Upgrade Gear" if you plan on upgrading your gear. If you want to craft gear, click "Craft Gear".
  • Once you click "Upgrade Gear" the Upgrade Gear box will appear. This is where you drag and drop your item to be upgraded. This is where your item and upgrade stones go. Yyou put the item first, upgrade stone second, upgrade protection third, and degrade protection fourth.
Tip: Items will not degrade up to +3 and will not be destroyed up to +5. If you DO NOT use an upgrade protection glove after +5, you run the risk of destroying your item. Always, ALWAYS use an item protection glove after +5! Upgrade stones can be found from quest rewards and in the craft shop. Upgrade success crystals will also be available through different means. These increase the chance of your upgrade succeeding.'
  • Once your items are placed in the appropriate areas, go ahead and click Upgrade".
  • Once you have selected "Upgrade", you will receive a notification of success or failure, depending on level and items used.
  • Now that you have upgraded your item, you will notice your stats on your item have changed and you will have a number near the name of your item, for example +1.