Swordsman > Defender > Champion

Strength 28 Dexterity 18
Vitality 25 Magic 14
Physical Attack 34 Physical Defense 48
Magic Attack 14 + 30 Magic Defense 14
Accuracy 96 Evading Ability 19
Attack Speed 111 Speed 100 + 9
Critical 9

If you like to fight on the front lines, the Swordsman class might fit your style! The Swordsman class is the primary tanking class, equipped with a sword and shield. Along with high health and defense, they have a higher chance at aggravating their enemies in battle.

Weapons Edit

  • One-Handed Sword & Shield

PvE Edit

Swordsmen protect their party from monsters while using aggravation managing skills.

Sacred War Edit

Swordsmen endure enemy attacks with strong vitality and defense, and at the same time, lead the party’s attacks with stun and pulling. With their skills, they can narrow the distance between the opponents to chase down anyone trying to run away. Compared to other classes, the Swordsman’s play pattern may be simple, but can ultimately lead the team to win the war.

Advancement Edit

Once you reach level 20, the advancement quest will become available. Head to your Class Master in Gaiyan Town to accept the advancement quest! Make sure you select the “Swordsman” class if you want to become a Swordsman. After you have completed all the tasks, you will be directed back to Gaiyan Town to talk to your Class Master again to finally become a Swordsman.