Realm vs Realm, or Sacred War is an intense battle that takes place at different time intervals for different level gaps. It is an ongoing battle in which you fight for control over precious relics in order to earn God Points (GP). In turn, you will earn special buffs to help you outside of Sacred War.

Process Edit

  • In order to Participate in Sacred War (RvR), simply open the menu at the top left corner of your mini-map. Here you will see a list of different level brackets and times they start. If one is open for your level bracket, click "Join" and you will be transported to the appropriate zone to participate.
Tip: If you have any questions about Sacred War, or are unsure what you need to do, simply talk with the NPC in Gaiyan Town named, "War Recruiter Layenis"

Goals Edit

There are 3 goals in Sacred War:

  • Extract a relic from it's Natural Shrine or Enemy Shrine by double clicking it.
  • Secure the Relic by taking it back to your team's empty Shrine.
  • Defend and Secure your Relics from the opposing team and Sentinels.

Winning Edit

  • The side that secures most, if not all of the Relics on a map, will win at the end of the battle. Only one person per side, can extract and secure a relic, so keep that in mind and assist any of your teammates who may be transporting a Relic.
  • Your team must wait until that Relic is secured or dropped before you can extract another relic, so communication is key.
Tip: Keep in mind that if you leave a Sacred War anytime before it is over, you will be tagged with a Deserter Penalty Debuff and may not enter again for some period of time.

Rewards Edit

  • You will be compensated for your valiant efforts! Upon winning, you will receive God Points (GP) in which you can turn in to redeem special rewards.
  • You will also receive a powerful God Buff, that will apply to your whole faction, helping you out greatly when out questing in the world!