Throughout the world of Edda, you will be tasked with completing quests in order to gain experience to level up. While the quests vary in difficulty and variety, getting quests is pretty much done in one simple way.

Questing Edit

  • When you first log into the world of Edda, you will be tasked with your first quest. Simply walk up to the NPC with the blue exclamation point over his head and either click him or hit space bar to begin the quest.
  • Once you hit spacebar or click the NPC, he/she will guide you through the quest with dialogue. Here you can read what you will be tasked with doing. Simply press spacebar/click the text to continue the conversation until you accept the quest.
  • If you missed anything from the NPC dialogue or you're still confused as to what you should be doing, simply hit "L" in order to bring up your quest log. Your quest log will keep all the details you need to know in order to complete your quest.
  • If you're still unsure of where you need to go, simply press "M" to bring up the zone map. You will find your destination marked by either a green exclamation point as shown below, or by a white scroll circled in red, also shown below.
  • Once you have completed the task required for the quest, simply go back to the npc that gave you the quest (Marked by a green exclamation point) and redeem your rewards!