PvP is a big part of Edda. From World pvp, Arenas, duels and Sacred War, there is no shortage of action to please your pvp needs!

Dueling Edit

Dueling is the most basic forms of pvp. Here you can practice your technique for fun or competition without any penalties!

  • In order to begin a duel, simply walk up to the player you wish to duel, right click them, and select "Challenge to a Duel". Once the player accepts, a countdown will begin.
  • Once the Duel has begun, the word "Duel" will appear at the top of your screen in bold letters. It's game on! Fight and try to take the other player's health down before they take yours down. If by the time the duel ends and both parties have health left, the duel will result in a "Draw".
  • You will either win or lose, in which case it will display your status once again, at the top of the screen.

World PvP Edit

At level 20, you will head to a zone called Frigid Valley. Here you will be confronted with world pvp. Players will be able to attack you at their own discretion. You can choose to run or fight. Alternatively, you can also switch to one of the non-pvp channels if world pvp isn't your thing.

Arena Edit

Here you can join friends or random strangers with 3v3/5v5 groups or go solo with 1v1. Arena is time based and you are tasked with defeating the opponent within a certain time frame.

  • To join arena, simply go to the NPC named Kantaji, who is located in the Military District in Gaiyan Town.
  • Once you speak to him, the arena battle window will pop up. Here you can choose how many players you will have as well as the game type. Once you have figured out what you want to do, select "Challenge to Duel".
  • After you select "Challenge to Duel", you will be asked one more time to confirm your selection. Once you confirm, you will be sent to the Arena, where you will fight!