In Legend of Edda, you will come across many different items. This guide will give you a brief overview of the types of items you will find and some of their uses.

Starting off, you will have 2 bag slots available to store your items. Each bag can hold up to 25 items, for a total of 50 items as you start off. You will have the option of increasing the amount of bags you have by another 6, for a total of 8 bag slots.

Gear Edit

Depending on your class, you will be using up to 2 weapon slots and another 2 that you can switch to during battle, for a total of 4 weapon slots. You will also have 9 slots for gear that your character will use. This includes, armor, helm, gloves, shoes, and accessories. Only armor for your class can be worn. Armor and accessories will give you stats, that will increase your base stats and make your character more powerful.

Gear comes in different rarities. White being the most common, Green, Blue being rare, and Orange being the most unique.

Depending on the class you choose, you will be restricted to a certain weapon type.

  • Katar: This is used by the Assassin class. Used for quick, high spike damage.
  • Bow: This is used by the Archer class. Long range, medium damage weapon.
  • 2-Hand Staff: This is used by the Wizard class. Long range, medium damage weapon.
  • Scepter & Shield: This is used by the Cleric class. Used for healing and protecting allies.
  • 2-Hand Sword: This is used by the Warrior class. Slow, but very hard hitting weapon.
  • Sword and Shield: This is used by the Swordsman class. Quick, but low damage with the ability to block.

Miscellaneous Edit

See also Costumes.

Other items include upgrade stones which allow you to upgrade your gear, consumables such as potions and monster cards . Potions will refill your health or mana, while monster cards will transform you into a specific monster for a short period of time. Lastly, there are also pets, which aide you in battle and give you stats and mounts, that will let you travel at a faster pace throughout the world of Edda.