See also Upgrading.

On top of being able to upgrade your items for higher stats, you may also enchant your items to increase certain attributes. There are two ways you can go about this. The first way, would be to collect the items necessary in-game and visiting Enchanter Vesper in the Magic shop, located in Gaiyan Town. The other way, is to buy the items through the item mall.

Vesper Edit

  • Once you have collected the necessary items, make your way over to Enchanter Vesper in the Magic Shop, located in Gaiyan Town.
  • By clicking Vesper or hitting spacebar, he will bring up the enchant window for you. Here you place the piece of gear you wish to have enchanted.
  • Once you have put the item in the enchant box, you will then have to select from the list, which upgrade you want. When you select the upgrade of your choosing, a list of items necessary for the enchant will pop up below. If you have the required ingredients, go ahead and select "Enchant"!
  • When your enchant is successful, the items will be used up and a message will pop up saying your enchant was successful!
  • Your item has been successfully enchanted. You can double check this by viewing your new stat located on your item, underneath the other stats.