Strength 18 Dexterity 25
Vitality 16 Magic 26
Physical Attack 23 Physical Defense 32
Magic Attack 23 + 20 Magic Defense 52
Accuracy 85 Evading Ability 26
Attack Speed 123 Speed 101 + 9
Critical 13

If you like to support your team and curse enemies, the Cleric class might fit your style! You are the life of the party, literally! You will be called upon to keep your friends alive, all while cursing your enemies from afar. Utilize your healing abilities to defeat your adversaries and bring victory to your team!

Weapons Edit

  • Scepter
  • Shield

PvE Edit

Clerics specialize in healing and curse skills. You will be called upon to help damage your enemies with curses, while helping keep your teammates alive.

Sacred War Edit

As a Cleric, your role is to stay behind your team, cursing enemies and keeping your front line safe with your healing skills.

Advancement Edit

Once you reach level 20, the advancement quest will become available. Head to your Class Master in Gaiyan Town to accept the advancement quest! Make sure you select the "Cleric" class if you want to become a Cleric. After you have completed all the tasks, you will be directed back to Gaiyan Town to talk to your Class Master again to finally become a Cleric.