Assassin > Dark Walker > Shadow Runner

Strength 23 Dexterity 27
Vitality 21 Magic 13
Physical Attack 29 + 10 Physical Defense 40
Magic Attack 13 + 30 Magic Defense 26
Accuracy 141 Evading Ability 28
Attack Speed 141 Speed 101 + 4
Critical 18

If you like to fight from the shadows, the Assassin class might fit your style! The Assassin class relies primarily on stealth, taking out targets before they can see you. The Assassin has quick, heavy hitting abilities to take out their opponents and utilizes poisons as well.

Basic InfoEdit

The Assassin, one out of the two class trees of the Rogue class is a fast and strong melee class, equipped with dual katars, the Assassin is able to hack and slash through anything in it's path. Assassins focus mainly on crits and attack speed. Although Assassins are strong they lack HP and DEF; they can be very fragile depending on the play style. Assassins also can be very hard to play if you haven't played one before but your mileage may vary. If you're interested get your claws ready because you'll be swinging 'n' slicing ALL around the battlefield!

Weapon Edit


PvE Edit

Assassins strike swiftly with an array of deadly attacks and poisons. They are able to quickly deal out damage while being abl

Sacred War Edit

Assassins strike from the shadows. Hiding in stealth, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Utilizing stealth and high damaging attacks, Assassins can easily take out a low armored target and return to stealth.

Advancement Edit

Once you reach level 20, the advancement quest will become available. Head to your Class Master in Gaiyan Town to accept the advancement quest! Make sure you select the "Assassin" class if you want to become an Assassin. After you have completed all the tasks, you will be directed back to Gaiyan Town to talk to your Class Master again to finally become an Assassin.